About a Paw.

When my dog, Jenny, passed away in 2021 I find myself struggling to cope with her lose, not knowing what to do with all the love I had for her.

I rescued Jenny's mother, Julia, with her daughter Jenny, in 2003 from an irresponsible, illegal breeder who was planning to euthanise her as she was no longer profitable.

Mother and daughter lived together with me until 2010 when Julia passed away 16 years old.

Jenny was with me for 18 years and I cannot remember my life before her. One thing I know for sure. My life experiences with her made me a better person, a better human. I gain awareness about the planet, our human life, our fellow species living on it with us. I learn how to respect them and respect myself.

Following Jenny's death I knew that I need animals in my life. They live simple lives, focused on now and enjoying the moments. 

I have studied and successfully completed an Advance Diploma in Pet Psychology. Combined with my years of experience on dogs and cats I started 'About A Paw'.  I specialised in cat care and small size elderly dogs.

Jenny Manoli

My mission is to share my love and knowledge of pets and help as many pet owners as possible to enjoy life of happiness with their beloved animal friends.

I provide advice, care and support for elderly dogs.

Dog and cat sitting.

I organise pet celebration events like birthdays and anniversary parties.

I cook and bake food and treats for cats and dogs.